Goal Focused

An investment strategy that is aligned with your specific financial goals and needs that takes into account your total balance sheet.

Flexible & Customizable

No two goals are exactly alike.  Your investment strategy and goals are defined in a teamwork approach.

Powered By QMAP

Portfolio decisions are powered by our proprietary analytics tool called QMAP.  It was designed to be emotionally neutral and provide support for both macro and micro investment decisions.


Emotionally Neutral

Our decisions are based on back-tested fundamentals, not headlines.


Determining our broad-level themes for portfolio positioning through technical and sentiment-based analysis.


Finding opportunities within a variety of asset classes.

Data Driven. Analytics. Simplified.

QMAP isn’t only a process; it’s a philosophy. We created QMAP to take emotion out of the investment management process. Why?  Emotions often lead us to the wrong decision at the wrong time. 

How do we separate emotions from the decision-making process?

Systemize the Decision 
Making Process

Recognize the Risk

Ignore the Noise

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