We believe that innovation and simplicity can coexist, and we strictly adhere to a methodical, proven investment strategy:

  • Our unique Core/Non-Core strategy. After defining your goals, risk tolerance and timeline, your core portfolio will be constructed with high quality investments to achieve returns consistent with an appropriate benchmark. The Non-Core part of your portfolio is designed to complement the core by including investments that have the potential to outperform.

  • Asset Allocation. The art and science of distributing assets between stocks, bonds and cash should be the foundation of every investment plan. Research has shown that 90% of performance can be attributed to asset allocation.*

  • Blue-chip securities that pay dividends and no-load mutual funds should be the foundation of your investment plan.

  • A relentless pursuit of "lows"- low expenses, low turnover and low taxes.

*Brinson, Hood, and Beebower 1991. Asset allocation cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss.